Abraham Lincoln said it well, "People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Learning to have the right attitude is important. So important, it's what we named this organization. I have developed resources to help with attitude in your life and in particular with change management. Materials for your organization - large or small ... or for yourself. 

Introducing The Right Attitude Series consisting of insights when you need tools and learning materials to help during times of change.

The right attitude lies in the intuitive part of your mind, within your subconscious, and it surfaces when you face the circumstances life throws at you each day. I’m talking how you instinctively react to common situations as well as life’s tragedies. There are a lot of real life situations between these two extremes and we face these every day. How do you find the right attitude every day and in every situation? Maybe you don’t every time, but let’s work together on improving how we react to these situations most of the time.

Mahatma Ghandi said, "The difference between what we do and what are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.” Let’s tap some of that potential as it relates to attitude.

You can better prepare for change by having the right attitude. Just like good construction, you must have a good foundation or else the structure will fail. In all of our products, you will find examples of specific topics that can help you build that strong foundation for your attitude. By putting all of these perspectives together, you will get a “package” that can and should influence the way you approach life situations.

Attitude is a choice. You choose whether you are happy or not. It’s a choice we all have and too many people let circumstances win out. They chose to be unhappy and didn’t even know it. Sure, they’ll tell you a hundred reasons why they are the way they are – they simply don’t get it. You need to be dedicated to getting and maintaining a good attitude. You choose!

Job Loss / Job Search

If you're facing a job loss and looking for inspiration to help get you back on your feet, Darren Holmes' book Career Transition: A Faith-Based Approach provides just the necessary sparks to rejuvinate your attitude and point you toward a successful future. 

As Holmes writes, "The situation you are in is what it is, but how you look at it makes all the difference." Reading this book you will learn:

  • How to let go and put trust in God's hands to work things out
  • How to keep your finances in order, including budgeting and insurance
  • How to enjoy your new-found time and yet use it wisely to find a new career
  • How to prepare for and cope with relocation, should that be necessary

Short, to the point, and highly focused, Career Transition: A Faith-Based Approach is just the tool you need to make it through a difficult time. It also makes a great gift for anyone you know who is struggling between jobs.

Career Transition" is a must for all Christians who are dedicated to their career.
- The Midwest Book Review

Mr. Holmes has written a truly inspirational, down-to-earth book on keeping your faith when you lose a job.
  - Reader Views

Take a moment to look at a few excerpts by clicking on the Career Transition button, then buy it!

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How to Win During Change ... with Attitude

Do you want to increase productivity? Increase your team member's engagement? Improve reaction to changes in the work environment?

This business fable is a short story about Justin who is a leader in a newly acquired company. His new manager, Kim, is coming to visit. As you will see, the topics could easily be applied to several aspects of your life. It’s about having the right attitude when facing any situation.

can be difficult for everyone. Do you have change in your organization?  The information on the audio CD or the business fable e-books are a perfect opportunity to introduce topics with your team.

For yourself, it’s a brief, common sense packed audio learning that can get your head back on track to help during your own change situation.


Click on the Change Management tab above to learn more.

It's Reaction Time

When something happens to you, there is a brief moment that you have to decide how you will react to that situation. Let’s call that Reaction Time. At a drag strip, there are a series of lights that indicate when the drivers are to start to race. We can use this visual to help us react to the situations we face every day. The first smaller amber lights might be consistent with the occurrence of a situation that sets the stage for your reaction. The larger amber lights might represent the time you take to consider your next move – your reaction. When the green light flashes, It’s Reaction Time!

When facing a situation, stop and purposely think in your head It’s Reaction Time! Then consider your choices carefully before accelerating. Just as in drag racing, if you react too soon, you will be disqualified. In life, this disqualification can have lasting consequences on the other person.

It's Reaction Time will provide a tool box for you to pull from. Click on the Reaction Time tab above to learn more.



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